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Architectural Forms
& Nature Photography

All images have been taken during different trips in different cities and countries 

De Toung Museum SF

Architectural Forms were born in the mist of dreaming on designing building my future home. The lines guided me to see structures' details with the thought of visualizing the walls of my house with an infinite depth. I realized that breaking the line was to easy with corners and square rooms. So my visual dream conveyed to love circular or oval lines thinking that my dream home would incite the space to have walls with an endless perception. And if I was to spend many days and nights at home, I want my inspiration to circulate and grow within the elements of my surroundings being a sigh of desire to make ART!

Nature Photography I am not a dedicated nature photographer, but I only dream to be one when I am taking some photos in nature.


I think the most important feeling with any image created is; what that image makes you feel deep inside in your soul. Just as simple as that!


© 2014 ALL IMAGES ARE PROPERTY AND COPYRIGHT OF MARISSA LOPEZ DONATT (should not be copied, nor downloaded without permission of the photographer)

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