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Imagination Is Better Than Knowledge!

Knowledge comes from Experience!

- Albert Einstein


Marissa López Donatt 

• Technical Photographer




• Visual Arts Curator

• Creative Director & Set Designer  

(A little bio: I graduated in commercial photography at Santa Monica College. As soon as I received my certificate, I was inspired to share my knowledge and a year later became a photography teacher to our very diverse Hispanic Community at Santa Monica College Community Education. A year later, I was hired to teach by the County of Los Angeles to Low Income Children in under represented areas. That led me to teach commercial photography in the credit program for 20 blessed years.  During my years of teaching, I opened my own business; an education studio/lab/gallery for 12 years. I also participated in various photography contests receiving several awards, honors and accolades of excellence in photography by well known organizations. And I was also invited to inspire photographers at recognized venues. Today, I still love to participate in different photography contests to energize my visual education and growth.)

Born and raised in the arts!
My beloved artist father taught me to elevate imagination with a creative sense of representing beauty, while my wonderful Mother encouraged me to follow my heart and never give up! -so fell in love with photography.
Why photography? - because images move my soul.

It's so satisfying fulfilling my clients needs, and then seeing them after cherish their beautiful photos .

I love people's expressions while capturing their moment of still breath, manifesting the unseen gesture, just following a feeling of being, trusting me so they contemplate  their reflection in their eyes with memories together with family and friends.
I love being a photographer, I am blessed with the opportunity my clients give me.

The beauty of all creation in photography is; letting my imagination flow like water. I am a technical (digital & traditional) geek but a creator of images that show emotion, perfection and detail. Whether I am creating eCommerce shots, Product, Food Photography or beautiful Portraits, it's all about trusting in creating something magical that will stay beyond the NOW.

Marissa Lopez Donatt
Let's create together!

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