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"Beyond The Glass"

Sometimes I see things that can be insignificant at a glance; But on this special day I was looking into the clauds conversing with my father who left to meet our heavenly father before his birthdate.

As I always do, every year on this date 10-06, I would call and converse with the man who raised me with so much love and endearment. He who listened to my interesting and not interesting conversations, who patiently adviced me with care and eternal love. He who always showed me the road of creating art and always said "everything is seen apparent to the color of glass we see through", while I was telling him how much I miss him, my heart and eyes would see what's beyon the glass, looking into the clouds sending my love. Then after, the glass became more visible and a little soon after that, I saw the detail and color of both; how the front and beyon created a composition making a beautiful settled moment of beauty, color and detail.

Possibly this explanation is not clear for many, but it's clear in my heart and mind. Most importantly is what's been created and captured when I searched for simplicity! Happy Birthday Daddy, I love you <3

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